HESI Annual Meeting 2016

Recent Publications

Thybaud V, Kasper P, Sobol Z, Elhajouji A, Fellows M, Guerard M, Lynch AM, Sutter A, Tanir JY. (2016). Genotoxicity assessment of peptide/protein-related biotherapeutics: points to consider before testing. Mutagenesis. More details

Stewart et al. (2016). Birth Control in Clinical Trials: Industry Survey of Current Use Practices, Governance, and Monitoring. Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science, 50, 155-68 Open access 

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Upcoming Events  

AAAS HESI CITE Session: Building a Transdisciplinary Science Workforce to Meet Contemporary Health Challenges. 

Past Events  

June 9-12, 2015: HESI Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C. (Details)

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