ILSI Annual Meeting 22-27 January 2016

Recent Publications

Ruth A. Roberts, Michael Aschner, David Calligaro, Tomas R. Guilarte, Joseph P. Hanig, David W. Herr, Thomas J. Hudzik, Andreas Jeromin, Mary J. Kallman, Serguei Liachenko, James J. Lynch III, Diane B. Miller, Virginia C. Moser; James P. OCallaghan, William Slikker Jr, Merle G. Paule. 2015. Translational Biomarkers of Neurotoxicity: A Health and Environmental Sciences Institute Perspective on the Way Forward. Toxicological Sciences, 148 (2): 332-340 More Details

Thompson KE, Newcomb DL, Moffat GJ, Zalikowski J, Chellman GJ, and McNerney ME (2015) Evaluation of early fetal exposure to vaginally-administered metronidazole in pregnant cynomolgus monkeys. Reprod Toxicol.  More Details

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Upcoming Events  

AAAS HESI CITE Session: Building a Transdisciplinary Science Workforce to Meet Contemporary Health Challenges. 

Past Events  

June 9-12, 2015: HESI Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C. (Details)

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